Exhibition Poster,  Robert Ludewig

In corporation with the Forum für Zeitgenössische Fotografie Dresden I showed a selection of my collection of found photography at the gallery of the forum, Kamenzer Straße 19. 
Exhibition text:
The exhibition "Taken" shows a selection from a collection of several thousand photographs, collected at flea markets, auctions and household liquidations. They are photographs of people who can often be assumed to have had a relationship with one another. Often it remains unknown whether they are photographs of the same or different families. The context of the photographed images also remains uncertain for the viewer. These are photographs of which we basically know only one thing: they were taken by someone at some point.
In the exhibition context, the photographs are deprived of their original purpose and taken out of context. They were never intended for a gallery wall. They were recorded on film and developed, (perhaps) looked at, stored for a while until they were forgotten and disposed of. They are photographs that you can take home at the end of the exhibition.
The exhibition "Taken" is the prelude to an exhibition experiment that will be carried out at Fotoforum Dresden starting in 2021. Various curators will use the visual material provided by Robert Ludewig to illuminate "found photography" from different angles, offer their own unique dramaturgy and tell their own story about (and with) the found images.
"Through photographs, each family constructs a portrait-chronicle of itself—a portable kit of images that bears witness to its connectedness."  (Susan Sonntag, On Photography)
Concept and realisation: Robert Ludewig, robertludewig.com
The exhibition can be visited during the usual opening hours of the PHOTOFORUM Th/Fr 16-19 and Sat 14-18.
There will be no vernissage this time, instead we look forward to seeing you at the finissage on 23.10. at 7 pm.
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